Future Salute to Lewds

Futura x CrooksIn commemorative of a fallen member, the Crooks & Castles crew  celebrates the life of Christopher “Lewds” Natalio by collaborating with the famous graffiti artist Futura 2000. In conjunction with the Futura x Crooks collaboration, Crooks & Castles has set up a pop gallery event at Known Gallery, located along Fairfax Avenue, that showcases a mix of modern urban art and the lifestyle of street wear.


The event took place last night, June 19, where Crooks & Castles previewed its capsule collection collaboration with Futura that will be releasing exclusively this weekend at their flagship store. The event also showcased the Ferrari FF of Dennis Calvero, founder of Crooks & Castles, wrapped around the Futura x Crooks & Castles art. Attendees consisted of entrepreneurs such Dominick DeLuca of Brooklyn Projects, Ben Shenassafar of The Hundreds, to famous living legend Russell Simmons and renowned hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco.

FFBe sure to grab the Futura x Crooks & Castles “Lewds” Collection this weekend, June 21 2014 in their flagship store located at 455 N. Fairfax Avenue. The first ten customers to purchase any of the “Lewds” collection will receive a gift (Castle)  from the Crooks.


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