The Brand That Still Reigns Surpeme On The Block

photo (7)Supreme recently released their spring/summer 2014 two weeks ago on all store locations, and I get to experience the fuzz about this famous skate brand at their LA store in Fairfax store.  Due to its limited stock release, Supreme has somewhat become a novelty in the fashion world. People all over the world wait a day or two at their store locations before its official release, since most items can easily be sold out in a matter hours. Product lines such their signature camp hats can easily be sold out in minutes, and who can forget the Nike Flyknits that seems to have sold out in just mere seconds its initial release online. If you’re a serious Supreme collector, the only way you’ll be able to purchase these items are on the gray market, where other consumers sell the item for double the price. It has become a niche in this generation, so in order to avoid paying $98 dollars for a damn hat, I decided to stop by the Supreme LA store location three days after the official release of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

The Fairfax block, known for being the mecca of  urban street wear and home to well known street brands such as Daimond Supply Co., The Hundreds, Hallf of Fame, and Crooks & Castles generate at least a massive crowd every once in awhile a product is released. For instance, Crooks & Castles collaboration with Hashbro’s Monopoly attracted crowds and celebrities such as Omarion and Jokoy, or the much anticipated release of the Diamond Supply Co. x Nike high dunks that released last month. These releases attract a large number of consumer, however it doesn’t compare to the magnitude of consumer whenever Surpeme drops a new season collection.

Starting from Monday, February 17 2014, people started lining for Supreme’s spring/summer 2014 collection. From all walks of life, everyone wanted to get their hands on these new sets of gear from supreme, including myself. My brother who works at one of the urban street wear at Fairfax (I’ll give you hint: their flagship store just recently opened a few months ago,) told me that people who started lining up on Thursday, 20th of February weren’t even able to enter to the store. By Saturday, I and my brother decided to swing by and thought  that we’ll just purchased which ever is available, if there’s any, at Supreme LA. Surprisingly as we arrived at Fairfax, there’s still a line.

We lined up for about 40 minutes along with the others who didn’t get their Supreme fix on the initial release. As minutes passed by, my brother and I were going to throw in the towel and walk away, however Ceason who works with my brother, saw him in line and mentioned us to Spoety, who in turn works as a retail clerk at Supreme. Spoety hooked us up in front of the line, and we were able to grab the ones that we wanted to get. At first, all I hand in mind were to purchase the cruiser board and the riot tee for their spring/summer 2014 collection, but I spotted the Liberty x Supreme Jewel Camp Cap and threw in it the loot.

I heard that there was still a long line a day after we purchased our Supreme goodies. I never will understand the brand’s appeal to me and to the masses, from the new generations and to the old.  It’s been almost 20 years since the brand has been established, and as it gets more older, it receives more recognition. More urban street wear or lifestyle brand open every year at Fairfax, but one name still reigns Supreme on the block.

You can check their Spring/Summer 2014 . Stay tuned as Supreme subsequently release new items from their collection every following Thursday.

Thanks to Val of Supreme for the free grip tape!

Here’s a clip of the Spring/Summer 2014 campout from rudeboy626 Youtube Channel


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