The Return of Open Mic

I’m an avid fan of poetry, as a matter of fact I was once obsessed with it, since there are no restrictions on to how you write it, structure your emotions into beautiful words, and last but not the least, precisely throw hand gesture as you express your written words. I remember taking two creative writing classes, waiting for the next Def Jam Poetry on Sunday night, and of course, putting the new poem I wrote in good use by presenting it in front of the whole class during high-school.  Sharing a poem you wrote in a crowd, it’s not only fulfilling, but you walk down the podium feeling appreciated, as the crowd listen and analyze your spoken verses.

Now fast forward to 2013, Joshua Bennett, an open mic performer and poet, performed this beautiful poet about Kendrick Lamar and his presence in the rap game scene.  The poem is simply captivating, and was greatly praised by many.  On the other hand, I’m finding that these open mic shows resurfacing on Youtube, Vimeo and every other digital multimedia platforms. However, before Bennett performed his “16 Bars for Kendrick Lamar”, him and his a couple of his colleagues from Strivers Row, have performed in a TV show called Verses and Flow. Much alike to Def Jam Poetry, where  talents of poets and rhyme-sayers from all walks of life share their poems to the crowd.  The show has not garnered much popularity such as to Def Jam Poetry, but it’s quite refreshing to know that open mic shows and events  are occurring once again in the mainstream media.  Also, if you live around the LA area and have love for poetry, be sure to check Da Poetry Lounge, where you can catch talented creative poets of Los Angeles perform live every Tuesday night.


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