P stands for Problem: Prostitution in the Valley

prostitucionDuring the 90’s, HBO produced a documentary titled Hookers at the Point. The Documentary is about the life and profession of being a prostitute in the South Bronx of New York. The documentary was very profound, revealing the cruel, unpleasant and fray lifestyle of prostitution. Two decades after its release, pimps and prostitutes would have been a thing of the past.

Apparently, it’s still an ongoing issue, not only in San Fernando Valley but through out the state of California. City officials and Non-profit organizations are cracking down on prostitution here in the Valley.  According to city officials in the San Fernando Valley, the problem were never resolved, but were more glamorized due to the increasingly popularity of how the media portrays prostitution nowadays. Then again, that’s how the masses react to whatever the media feed them, If it’s on the TV or lyrics of your favorite song, it maybe appropriate and acceptable to the social norm.

Recently, HBO produced another reality show called Cathouse. The show follows the daily-life of prostitutes in a brothel in Nevada, depicting how they first went into the business and how prostitution completely turned their life around because of the amount of money they make from this life of businesss. It’s kind of an opposing idea for, from the a documentary of survival, addiction and struggle to money, glamour and fame. Just as ASAP Rocky rapped, “I love bad bitches, that’s my fucking problems,”  but the thing about is, it’s everybody’s problem.

VIA Daily News


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