an awkward but good funny experience. The Abbey

vlcsnap-2013-10-17-01h20m55s47I remember taking a nap at 10 PM on a Saturday night, anticipating something out of the blue will happen, and something did come out of the blue.  A friend of mine decided to have a night of fun, who will go by the alias K, invited me to go with her and a couple of her friends to go clubbing.  However, she warned me beforehand, as the club we’re going to is not your typical traditional club where you go in line, pay at most $20 to get in and see girls and guys hit on each other while being intoxicated. It made me very uncomfortable about the warning she gave and I was a bit apprehensive going to the place, but I had nothing else better to do, so I decided to hell with it, there’s always first for everything.  I was a nerve-rack on my way driving there, and by the time I reached my destination, It got worst.

As we stood in line, to get in, all I was thinking about was “there goes another $20 dollars in the front door” since most clubs or bars will charge you that price after 10 PM.  Surprisingly, there was no charge. As we walk inside the club, K’s friend needed to use the restroom, so we headed straight to back. The crowd was already impossible in front, and as we delve in more inside, it felt as if I were walking towards the front row of a sold out Kanye West’s concert. My eyes were only set on to three directions as we walk inside:  my friend K, on the floor or straight ahead because I’m trying to prevent any eye contacts at all.  While we wait at the end of the crowded line for the restroom, a very drunk person, who is being carried by his friend (or you can say significant other) on their shoulder to the exit, decided to barf in the middle of the crowded hallway.  It was like seeing Moses part the Red Sea, the hallway that seems impossible to walk by on, became accessible again because of the puke.

After the restroom break, K’s friends decided to hang at the very end of the club, where it’s less crowded and more breathable. Minutes have passed and I begun to settle in, and I’m telling myself that it isn’t that bad as long as you don’t look at the dancers who seems to be dancing on poles made for the water plumbing of the building. The crowd itself weren’t that obnoxious and belligerent. For instance, the lady and her partner stopped and apologized after hitting me on the head with her flailing hands as she sways away to the beat of the music. The bartenders caters to the one who got into the bar first, unlike any other clubs where they’ll completely ignore you unless you yell at them, the bouncers were nice enough to ask us if we’re OK and having a good time. The crowd in general will leave you alone, well except the part when we were on our way to the parking, when two gay guys starting hitting on me which was a bit awkward and uncomfortable.  Overall it was a weird good experience, I say it’s weird because I told myself that I will never go inside a gay bar or club, but there I was…It’s just any other clubs.

Photo Credit to K


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