First Post. Local pick up experience

photo 3

Since this is my first post and currently brainstorming on what’s a good ice breaker, I’ll share my experience how I came about in buying these shoes.  When the first Stefan Janoski digi floral, I didn’t even expect that those will be such a pain in the ass in buying now, since you will be paying at least a $100 to $200 above its retail price.


 I wouldn’t mind paying $20 to $50 above, but spending that much money on a shoe just downright outrageous, in my opinion.  Once I heard that a second pair of florals are to be released, I started following the details of how, when and where will it be released. As I dig more info on this upcoming florals that are coming out, I found a local mom and pop store in the Valley that has it a week early before its official general release. I chatted for a bit with the owner of the store on how I found their store and about these florals. He was very estatic telling me that he’s good friends with a NIKE representative that supplies shoes in Southern California(I’m pretty sure it’s only for NikeSB shoes since it’s a skate store.) I paid a little extra above its retail price, about $10, but it was worth it and i was very happy about the purchase. Beats being a sucker to them resellers!


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